VA National Cemetery

This information is for those that are not going through and/or paying a funeral home for “extended services.” You have made arrangements for the “basic funeral.” Any additional services would be an additional cost. This is assuming you have prearranged payment with a local funeral home. The person handling your affairs can do this without a funeral home.

To use the VA National Cemetery in Sarasota please follow the instructions below:

The first thing to do when a veteran passes and you have made the decision to use the Sarasota National cemetery is to fax the military discharge papers “DD214” or whatever others you have to the following number: 1-866-900-6417

Wait 15 minutes and then call: 1-800-535-1117

At this point, someone will ask you various questions which will be input to the VA computer system. They will then email the Sarasota National Cemetery the information they require to have the departed buried at the Sarasota National Cemetery.

You may then call the local National cemetery and discuss the internment in Sarasota

9810 State Road 72
Sarasota, FL 34241-9574

If a family needs a chaplain, priest or clergy support for their service at Sarasota National Cemetery they need to make arrangements prior to the service at the cemetery.

The service will be performed at the “Committal Shelter.” The Veteran or family member will then be transported to the gravesite for burial.

If you wish to have military honors, contact one of the numbers below for that branch of service.

Navy 904-542-4008
Marines 1-866-826-3628
Air Force 813-828-5190
Army 904-823-0630
Coast Guard 305-535-4326

NOTE: You must have the discharge and or papers indicating military service. If you cannot find these use the link below to have a search for the records started. The web link can be used nationwide.

Military Service Record Request

If your spouse predeceases you, they can be interred and a headstone will be placed with their name on the front. When you pass, that headstone will be replaced with another with the veterans’ name on the front and spouse’s on the back.